AR / CO2 Gas Bottle Mix 8 Liters ARGON + CO2 Welding Set MIG / MAG TURBO REGULATOR



Gas Bottle Mix 8 Litres ARGON(82%) + CO2(18%) Welding Set MIG/MAG Turbo REDUCER

This is a brand new cylinder full of high-quality Argon/Co2 gas mix. Professional applications for MIG / MAG + TIG / TIG Suitable for Argon, CO², Mixed gas, Inert gas. The bottle contains 8 litres / 6 kg high-quality Argon/CO2 carbon dioxide for welding (TIG/WIG/MIG/MAG) and other industrial applications. A protective cap protects the valve from damage during transport or storage. The cylinder is new and has a working pressure of 200 bar. The cylinder and valve are manufactured according to EN 1964:1999 and have the conformity mark π (pi) with the requirements of ADR / RID.


  • Powder-coated according to current PN-EN standards
  • Valve cover for safe transport and use
  • Operating / test pressure – 150/250 bar




  • Bottle capacity: 8 L
  • Gas: argon (82%) carbon dioxide (18%)
  • Working pressure: 150 bar
  • Test pressure: 250 bar
  • Cylinder diameter: 140 mm
  • Bottle height: 673 mm
  • Minimum guaranteed wall width: 4.1 mm
  • Production date: 2020 / July
  • Expiration Date: 2030
  • Standards complied with: EN 1964-1
  • Painting: powder coating in accordance with PN-EN standards
  • Service temperature range: -40oC to 50oC
  • Empty cylinder weight: 11 kg


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